cocoa bean necklace (3242), gray wheeler (3243): unreleased, february 17th & 24th
cozy blue scarf (3246), double stranded necklace (3245): february 3rd

weird penguin thing (6280): unreleased, february 24th
caramel flats (6281), hikers (6282): february 3rd

best part:
power fragment pin (7256): unreleased
stinky cheese pin (7257): february 3rd
fluffy pin (7258): january 21st
laser of doom pin (7259): unreleased, likely february 17th

????????? cp pls

gaps in ids:

21069 (after the spot) and 21070 (before the noir)

7261 (after puffle balloon pin) and 7262 (before black berry pin)

7270 (between purple and red berry pins)

most absurd id ordering:

teacup costume (24339): unreleased, february 17th

mirror ball costume (24340): unreleased, february 17th

(no item, 24341)

one part of orange checkered shoes: (24342): unreleased, february 17th?

(no item, 24343)

hat costume (24344): unreleased, february 17th

gray puffle costume (24345): unreleased, february 24th

black & white pizza (24346): unreleased, february 24th

noir detective coat (24347): february 3rd

driller outfit (24348): unreleased, february 24th?

cranberry lemon outfit, lumber style, blue crosshatch sweater, rugby team shirt, penguin band sweater, blue trendy top (24349 - 24354): february 3rd

dinosaur hoodie (24355): january 27th

gray hoodie (24356): unreleased, february 24th

(no items, 24356 - 24367)

freestyle hoodie (24368): february 3rd

{"paper_item_id":3245,"type":4,"cost":150,"is_member":true,"label":"Double Stranded Necklace","prompt":"Double Stranded Necklace","layer":4000}
{"paper_item_id":3254,"type":4,"cost":150,"is_member":true,"label":"Double Stranded Necklace","prompt":"Double Stranded Necklace","layer":4000}

second one does not have swfs