Sprite Name Used by Notes
Small circle
Small circle Rumia (EoSD & StB), Cirno (EoSD, PCB, StB), Meiling (EoSD), Patchouli (EoSD & StB), Sakuya (EoSD), Remilia (EoSD, StB, ISC), Flandre (EoSD), Letty (PCB & StB), Chen (PCB), Alice (PCB & StB), Prismrivers (PCB), Youmu (PCB), Yuyuko (PCB & StB), Ran (PCB), Wriggle (IN & StB), Mystia (IN & PoFV), Keine (IN & ISC), Eirin (IN & StB), Kaguya (IN & StB), Tewi (IN), Mokou (StB), Shizuha (MoF), Aya (MoF), Kanako (MoF & ISC), Suwako (MoF, DS, ISC), Kisume (SA), Yamame (SA & DS), Yuugi (SA), Satori (SA & DS), Rin (SA), Utsuho (SA & DS), Koishi (SA & DS), Ichirin (UFO & DS), Minamitsu (UFO & DS), Byakuren (UFO), Suika (DS), Reimu (DS & ISC), Lily (GFW), Three Fairies (GFW), Daiyousei (GFW), Kogasa (TD), Miko (TD), Mamizou (TD & ISC), Wakasagihime (DDC & ISC), Sekibanki (DDC & ISC), Kagerou (DDC & ISC), Raiko (DDC & ISC), Seiga (ISC), Yukari (ISC), Ringo (LoLK), Doremy (LoLK), Junko (LoLK), Hecatia (LoLK)
Circle Remilia (EoSD & StB), Flandre (EoSD), Letty (PCB), Youmu (PCB & ISC), Yuyuko (PCB), Ran (PCB & StB), Yukari (PCB), Wriggle (IN & StB), Mystia (IN), Keine (IN), Reimu (IN), Reisen (IN), Eirin (IN), Kaguya (IN), Mokou (IN & StB), Tewi (PoFV), Medicine (PoFV & StB), Yuuka (PoFV), Rumia (StB), Cirno (StB), Suika (StB), Minoriko (MoF & DS), Hina (MoF), Nitori (MoF & DS), Momiji (MoF & DS), Sanae (MoF), Kanako (MoF & ISC), Suwako (MoF & ISC), Kisume (SA & DS), Parsee (SA), Yuugi (SA & DS), Satori (SA & DS), Utsuho (SA), Koishi (SA & DS), Nazrin (UFO), Shou (UFO & DS), Byakuren (UFO & DS), Nue (UFO, DS, TD), Iku (DS), Three Fairies (GFW), Lily (GFW), Daiyousei (GFW), Seiga (TD & ISC), Futo (TD), Miko (TD & ISC), Mamizou (TD), Sekibanki (DDC), Kagerou (DDC & ISC), Seija (DDC), Sukuna (DDC), Raiko (DDC & ISC), Seiran (LoLK), Ringo (LoLK), Doremy (LoLK), Clownpiece (LoLK), Junko (LoLK)
Orb Rumia (EoSD & StB), Cirno (EoSD), Meiling (EoSD), Patchouli (EoSD), Remilia (EoSD), Flandre (EoSD), Letty (PCB), Chen (PCB), Alice (PCB), Lily (PCB & PoFV), Prismrivers (PCB), Ran (PCB), Yukari (PCB), Reimu (IN), Tewi (IN), Kaguya (IN), Mokou (IN), Minoriko (MoF & DS), Aya (MoF), Sanae (MoF), Parsee (SA), Yuugi (SA), Rin (SA), Koishi (SA), Kogasa (UFO), Ichirin (DS), Nue (DS), Lily (GFW), Three Fairies (GFW), Yoshika (TD), Tojiko (TD), Kyouko (ISC), Seiga (ISC), Ringo (LoLK)
Arrowhead Cirno (PCB), Letty (PCB), Chen (PCB & StB), Alice (PCB, IN, StB), Lily (PCB), Prismrivers (PCB & PoFV), Youmu (PCB, IN, PoFV, StB), Yuyuko (PCB & TD), Ran (PCB), Yukari (PCB & IN), Mystia (IN & PoFV), Keine (IN, StB, ISC), Reimu (IN), Eirin (IN), Kaguya (IN), Mokou (IN), Aya (PoFV, MoF, DS, ISC), Medicine (PoFV), Yuuka (PoFV), Shiki (StB), Kanako (MoF), Kisume (SA), Parsee (SA), Yuugi (SA), Satori (SA), Nazrin (UFO & DS), Kogasa (UFO), Shou (UFO & DS), Byakuren (UFO), Rin (DS), Utsuho (DS), Sanae (DS), Hatate (DS & ISC), Kyouko (TD), Miko (TD), Wakasagihime (DDC & ISC), Sekibanki (DDC), Kagerou (ISC), Mamizou (ISC), Sukuna (ISC), Seiran (LoLK), Doremy (LoLK)
Small ovoid
Small ovoid Rumia (EoSD), Meiling (EoSD & StB), Sakuya (EoSD), Remilia (EoSD), Patchouli (EoSD), Flandre (EoSD), Cirno (PCB), Letty (PCB), Chen (PCB), Alice (PCB, IN, StB), Lily (PCB & GFW), Prismrivers (PCB), Youmu (PCB & StB), Yuyuko (PCB, TD, ISC), Ran (PCB), Yukari (PCB, StB, ISC), Wriggle (IN & StB), Mystia (IN), Keine (IN & StB), Tewi (IN, PoFV, StB), Eirin (IN & StB), Kaguya (IN & StB), Mokou (IN), Reimu (PoFV), Reisen (PoFV), Cirno (PoFV), Medicine (PoFV & StB), Yuuka (PoFV), Shiki (PoFV & StB), Patchouli (StB), Komachi (StB), Suika (StB & ISC), Shizuha (MoF & DS), Minoriko (MoF & DS), Nitori (MoF & DS), Momiji (MoF & DS), Sanae (MoF, SA, DS), Kanako (MoF & ISC), Suwako (MoF, DS, ISC), Yamame (SA & DS), Parsee (SA & DS), Rin (SA & DS), Satori (SA & DS), Koishi (SA & DS), Kogasa (UFO, DS, TD), Ichirin (UFO), Byakuren (UFO), Nue (UFO), Aya (DS), Three Fairies (GFW), Daiyousei (GFW), Lily (GFW), Marisa (GFW), Futo (TD & ISC), Mamizou (TD & ISC), Sekibanki (DDC), Seija (DDC), Sukuna (DDC), Raiko (DDC), Yatsuhashi (ISC), Wakasagihime (ISC), Kyouko (ISC), Seiga (ISC), Doremy (LoLK), Sagume (LoLK), Junko (LoLK)
Ovoid Eirin (IN & StB), Kaguya (IN), Keine (IN), Mokou (IN), Komachi (PoFV), Cirno (StB & DDC), Reisen (StB), Tewi (StB), Chen (StB), Shiki (StB), Kanako (MoF & DS), Suwako (MoF), Satori (SA & DS), Sanae (SA), Koishi (SA & DS), Shou (UFO), Kogasa (UFO), Minoriko (DS), Yamame (DS), Momiji (DS & ISC), Iku (DS), Byakuren (DS & ISC), Lily (GFW), Three Fairies (GFW), Daiyousei (GFW), Marisa (GFW), Kyouko (TD), Yoshika (TD), Seiga (TD), Seija (DDC), Wakasagihime (ISC), Sekibanki (ISC), Kanako (ISC), Seiran (LoLK), Junko (LoLK) Shot from boss fairies when attack ends in GFW
Pellet Rumia (EoSD & StB), Cirno (EoSD, PoFV, StB), Prismrivers (PCB & PoFV), Youmu (PCB, PoFV, StB), Yuyuko (PCB), Wriggle (IN & StB), Reimu (IN, PoFV, ISC), Eirin (IN), Mokou (IN), Marisa (PoFV), Reisen (PoFV), Mystia (PoFV), Tewi (PoFV), Aya (PoFV & MoF), Medicine (PoFV), Yuuka (PoFV), Komachi (PoFV), Shiki (PoFV), Lily (PoFV), Letty (StB), Alice (StB), Meiling (StB), Patchouli (StB), Chen (StB), Kaguya (StB), Yukari (StB), Shizuha (MoF & DS), Sanae (MoF), Suwako (MoF & ISC), Parsee (SA), Yuugi (SA), Satori (SA), Rin (SA & DS), Utsuho (SA), Byakuren (UFO), Suika (DS), Nazrin (DS), Three Fairies (GFW), Sukuna (DDC), Ringo (LoLK), Doremy (LoLK) Frequently used in PoFV, where they are always destroyable
Fire Patchouli (EoSD), Sakuya (EoSD), Remilia (EoSD) Replaced by flame in IN
Flame Kaguya (IN), Mokou (IN) Replaced by energy in StB
Energy Patchouli (StB), Ran (StB), Yuyuko (StB), Shiki (StB), Flandre (StB), Mokou (StB & ISC), Hina (MoF & DS), Nitori (MoF, DS, ISC), Sanae (MoF & DS), Kanako (MoF), Suwako (MoF), Parsee (SA & DS), Satori (SA), Rin (SA & DS), Utsuho (SA), Koishi (SA), Ichirin (UFO), Minamitsu (UFO & DS), Nazrin (UFO), Shou (UFO & DS), Byakuren (UFO), Kogasa (UFO), Nue (UFO, DS, TD), Suika (DS), Yuugi (DS), Tenshi (DS & ISC), Daiyousei (GFW), Three Fairies (GFW), Lily (GFW), Marisa (GFW), Futo (TD & ISC), Kagerou (DDC), Seija (DDC), Sukuna (DDC), Clownpiece (LoLK), Junko (LoLK), Hecatia (LoLK) Unfreezable in GFW
Needle Daiyousei (EoSD & GFW), Cirno (EoSD, PCB, PoFV, StB, DDC, ISC), Meiling (EoSD & StB), Patchouli (EoSD), Remilia (EoSD), Prismrivers (PCB), Ran (PCB), Yukari (PCB), Keine (IN), Mokou (IN), Medicine (StB), Hina (MoF & DS), Sanae (MoF), Kanako (MoF & DS), Suwako (MoF & ISC), Yamame (SA & DS), Parsee (SA), Yuugi (SA), Rin (SA), Koishi (SA & DS), Nazrin (UFO), Nue (UFO), Kogasa (DS & TD), Lily (GFW), Three Fairies (GFW), Marisa (GFW), Seiga (TD & ISC), Futo (TD), Kagerou (DDC)
Kunai Daiyousei (EoSD), Meiling (EoSD), Koakuma (EoSD), Sakuya (EoSD, StB, ISC), Ran (PCB), Yukari (PCB), Remilia (StB), Koishi (SA), Nazrin (UFO), Kisume (DS), Byakuren (DS), Yoshika (TD & ISC), Sukuna (DDC), Seiga (ISC), Hecatia (LoLK) Shot from fairies when destroyed in GFW
Knife Sakuya (EoSD, IN, PoFV, StB, ISC), Remilia (EoSD, IN, StB, ISC), Yuyuko (PCB), Yukari (PCB), Kaguya (IN), Mokou (IN), Youmu (PoFV), Kanako (MoF), Satori (SA), Suwako (DS), Nue (DS), Byakuren (DS), Seiga (TD), Miko (TD), Sukuna (DDC & ISC), Kagerou (ISC)
Bubble Koakuma (EoSD), Patchouli (EoSD & StB), Sakuya (EoSD & StB), Remilia (EoSD & IN), Flandre (EoSD & StB), Alice (PCB & StB), Prismrivers (PCB), Youmu (PCB), Yuyuko (PCB, IN, StB), Chen (PCB), Ran (PCB), Yukari (PCB), Keine (IN), Eirin (IN & StB), Kaguya (IN & StB), Mokou (IN), Wiggle (StB), Rumia (StB), Letty (StB), Medicine (StB), Shiki (StB), Suika (StB), Kanako (MoF), Suwako (MoF & ISC), Parsee (SA), Yuugi (SA), Satori (SA & DS), Rin (SA), Utsuho (SA), Koishi (SA), Nazrin (UFO), Byakuren (UFO), Nue (UFO), Shizuha (DS), Kogasa (DS), Shou (DS), Tenshi (DS), Kyouko (TD) Often used for deception due to small hitbox
Butterfly Yuyuko (PCB, IN, StB, TD, ISC), Ran (PCB & StB), Yukari (PCB & ISC), Kaguya (IN), Wriggle (IN StB), Keine (IN), Aya (PoFV), Eirin (StB), Shiki (StB), Satori (SA), Byakuren (UFO), Doremy (LoLK)
Amulet Reimu (IN, PoFV, DS, ISC), Kaguya (IN), Mokou (IN), Yukari (IN), Chen (StB), Ran (StB), Hina (MoF & DS), Kanako (MoF), Suwako (MoF), Kogasa (UFO), Byakuren (UFO & DS), Nue (UFO), Hatate (DS), Futo (TD), Miko (TD & ISC), Mamizou (TD), Kyouko (ISC), Keine (ISC), Sanae (ISC), Sagume (LoLK)
Small star
Small star Marisa (IN, PoFV, DS, GFW, ISC), Kaguya (IN), Byakuren (UFO), Iku (DS), Nue (DS), Three Fairies (GFW), Clownpiece (LoLK), Hecatia (LoLK)
Star Marisa (IN, DS, GFW, ISC), Three Fairies (GFW), Benben & Yatsuhashi (ISC), Byakuren (ISC), Clownpiece (LoLK)
Bullet Reisen (IN, PoFV, StB), Nitori (MoF), Satori (SA), Daiyousei (GFW), Raiko (DDC & ISC), Momiji (ISC), Yukari (ISC), Seiran (LoLK) Often put into background in Reisen's attacks
Inverted Eirin (IN), Kaguya (IN), Mokou (IN), Seija (DDC), Yukari (ISC), Doremy (LoLK)
Shirikodama Hina (MoF), Nitori (MoF & DS), Rin (SA), Miko (TD), Sukuna (DDC), Ringo (LoLK)
Heart Koishi (SA & DS), Parsee (DS), Satori (DS), Sukuna (DDC), Seiga (ISC), Yukari (ISC)
Pointed Minamitsu (UFO & DS), Byakuren (UFO), Nue (UFO), Three Fairies (GFW), Nitori (ISC), Hatate (ISC)
Mini Suika (DS), Koishi (DS), Sukuna (ISC)
Arrow Tojiko (TD), Futo (TD & ISC), Miko (TD), Nue (TD), Seija (DDC), Yatsuhashi (ISC)
Mystic Miko (TD & ISC), Mamizou (TD), Sukuna (DDC), Raiko (DDC & ISC), Reimu (ISC), Futo (ISC), Yukari (ISC), Junko (LoLK)
Some music note thingy
music note thing Yatsuhashi (DDC & ISC), Benben (DDC & ISC), Raiko (DDC)
Sharp note?
what is this called help Yatsuhashi (DDC & ISC), Benben (DDC), Raiko (DDC)





  • Support: spawns bullets
  • Visual: merely for aesthetics (or obscuring vision)
  • Effect: causes effect when in contact


  • Yes: kills on contact
  • No: does not
  • Yes/No: does not passively


  • Shot: only by shooting it
  • Cam: only using the camera (StB, DS, ISC)
  • Yes: both shot and camera
  • No: cannot

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