ITEMS VIA WILD absorb bulb - cottonee black sludge - alolan grimer cell battery - alolan geodude/alolan graveller/charjabug charcoal - torkoal/turtonator deep sea scale - chinchou/relicanth deep sea tooth - sharpedo dragon scale - horsea/dratini/dragonair electric seed - togedemaru focus band - machop/machoke grassy seed - bounsweet grip claw - alolan sandshrew (TRADE) king's rock - hariyama lagging tail - slowpoke light ball - pikachu luminous moss - corsola magmarizer - magmar/magby magnet - nosepass mental herb - leavanny/pancham/pangoro metal coat - magnemite metal powder - ditto miracle seed - fomantis misty seed - comfey razor fang - bruxish shed shell - goomy/sliggoo silk scarf - trubbish silver powder - butterfree/masquerain snowball - alolan vulpix/snorunt spell tag - sandygast thick club - cubone wide lens - sableye

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