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Penglantis was an ancient civilization that is mentioned many times in Club Penguin Island. According to Rockhopper, Penglantians, the citizens of the race, wielded powerful treasures and used them to rule the seven and a half seas from their island, which is apparently the same island Club Penguin Island is set in. According to loading screen messages, legends say the island the game takes place in was part of Penglantis.

It is suggested that the arches and pillars of the northern central area and throne room of the Sea Caves was built by Penglantians, as well as the ruins in the eastern side of Coconut Cove. Additionally, a spiral logo is shown on much of the ruins, which appears to be the symbol of Penglantians. Furthermore, there is a decal that features this logo, and it is named "Penglantis"


The search for the lost treasures is the main plotline of all of Rockhopper's adventures in the game, who wants to try and find them. Throughout these adventures, various statues, monuments, and devices made by Penglantians are encountered, usually in the form of a puzzle that must be solved.

Shellbeard, a pirate turtle, attempted to find the treasures over 200 years prior to the events of the game, but disappeared before he could find any. Over the course of the adventures, the player finds notes and riddles left behind by him to assist in finding the treasures.

In the final adventure it is revealed that Shellbeard, as a ghost, has been trapped in a large purple gem in Penglantian ruins. He escapes from the gem after Rockhopper touches it, and the two swap places. After the player manages to force Shellbeard back in the gem, Rockhopper is freed, and the gem falls into the ocean. Rockhopper then opens a nearby treasure chest, containing the Bottle of Fair Winds, one of the treasures. Although it is not known what the bottle does, Rockhopper mentions that the sails of his ship, The Migrator, "will always be full" and that he can travel wherever he pleases.


  • The architecture of the Penglantians heavily resembles some of the architecture seen in the Underwater Maze and Mysterious Deep, which appeared during the Underwater Expedition of January 2012 in Club Penguin. Some furniture items from Club Penguin also heavily resemble Penglantian architecture, in particular the Ancient Archway, which looks almost identical to the arches in the Sea Caves.

Names in other languagesEdit


Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A


Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A

Bottle of Fair WindsEdit

Language Name
PortugueseGarrafa dos Bons Ventos
FrenchBouteille des bons vents
SpanishBotella de vientos favorables
German N/A
Russian N/A

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