March 16, 2017Edit

Original 56 cards available, 35 unreleased:
  • Misumi Nagisa Anime Style
  • Misumi Nagisa Uniform
  • Misumi Nagisa Cool Clothes
  • Misumi Nagisa Clover Shirt
  • Misumi Nagisa Black Ribbon
  • Misumi Nagisa Let's eat crepes!
  • Yukishiro Honoka Anime Style
  • Yukishiro Honoka Uniform
  • Yukishiro Honoka Casual Clothes
  • Yukishiro Honoka Graceful Clothes
  • Yukishiro Honoka Dot One Piece
  • Yukishiro Honoka Chuutaro is a good boy
  • Kujou Hikari Anime Style
  • Kujou Hikari Uniform
  • Kujou Hikari Flower Tunic
  • Kujou Hikari Relaxing Style
  • Kujou Hikari Bear Pochette
  • Kujou Hikari To the library on vacation
  • Haruno Haruka Anime Style
  • Haruno Haruka Uniform
  • Haruno Haruka Flower Miniskirt
  • Haruno Haruka Pink Rose Dress
  • Haruno Haruka Blooming beautifully
  • Kaido Minami Anime Style
  • Kaido Minami Uniform
  • Kaido Minami Grown-up Feminine
  • Kaido Minami Cobalt Stripes
  • Kaido Minami Tea time on the terrace
  • Amanogawa Kirara Anime Style
  • Amanogawa Kirara Uniform
  • Amanogawa Kirara Popular Clothes
  • Amanogawa Kirara Yellow Star
  • Amanogawa Kirara Fun shopping
  • Akagi Towa Anime Style
  • Akagi Towa Uniform
  • Akagi Towa Scarlet One Piece
  • Akagi Towa Cute Red
  • Akagi Towa I can do it by myself
  • Asahina Mirai Anime Style
  • Asahina Mirai Uniform
  • Asahina Mirai Exciting Girly
  • Asahina Mirai Marguerite Girl
  • Asahina Mirai Pajama party
  • Cure Miracle Diamond Style
  • Izayoi Riko Anime Style
  • Izayoi Riko Uniform
  • Izayoi Riko Cute Lavender
  • Izayoi Riko Striped Salopette
  • Izayoi Riko Crown of happiness
  • Cure Magical Diamond Style
  • Hanami Kotoha Anime Style
  • Hanami Kotoha Uniform
  • Hanami Kotoha Walk in the park
  • Hanami Kotoha Spring Girl
  • Hanami Kotoha Putting my heart into it
  • Cure Felice

March 19, 2017Edit

Giveaway, 57 now available, 34 unreleased:
  • Usami Ichika Girly Jacket

March 22, 2017Edit

Dream Stars event, 67 now available, 24 unreleased:
  • Usami Ichika Cherry Blossom Viewing Gingham One Piece
  • Usami Ichika Sweets cherry blossom viewing party
  • Arisugawa Himari Cherry Blossom Viewing Pudding a la mode
  • Arisugawa Himari Sweets cherry blossom viewing party
  • Tategami Aoi Cherry Blossom Viewing All-in-one
  • Tategami Aoi Sweets cherry blossom viewing party
  • Kotozume Yukari Cherry Blossom Viewing Macaron Blouse
  • Kotozume Yukari Sweets cherry blossom viewing party
  • Kenjou Akira Cherry Blossom Viewing Bitter Jacket
  • Kenjou Akira Sweets cherry blossom viewing party

March 26, 2017Edit

Giveaway, 68 now available, 23 unreleased:
  • Arisugawa Himari Creamy Marine

April 2, 2017Edit

Giveaway, 69 now available, 22 unreleased:
  • Tategami Aoi Boyish Clothes

April 9, 2017Edit

Giveaway, 70 now available, 21 unreleased:
  • Kotozume Yukari Crocus One Piece

April 16, 2017Edit

Giveaway, 71 now available, 20 unreleased:
  • Kenjou Akira Stylish Chester

April 18, 2017Edit

Flower Carnival event/promotion and unreleased Kirakira added, 105 now available
  • Haruno Haruka Smile Rose
  • Haruno Haruka Dreaming Flower Girl
  • Kaido Minami Beauty Lily
  • Kaido Minami Beautiful Flower Girl
  • Amanogawa Kirara Canary Style
  • Amanogawa Kirara Glittering Flower Girl
  • Akagi Towa Flare Poppy
  • Akagi Towa Happy Flower Girl
  • Asahina Mirai Magical Tulip
  • Asahina Mirai Passionate Flower Girl
  • Izayoi Riko Purple Rose
  • Izayoi Riko Hopeful Flower Girl
  • Hanami Kotoha Tulip Salopette
  • Hanami Kotoha Tomboyish Flower Girl
  • Usami Ichika Anime Style
  • Usami Ichika Patisserie
  • Usami Ichika Strawberry Tunic
  • Usami Ichika Cake Cherry Blossom Viewing
  • Arisugawa Himari Anime Style
  • Arisugawa Himari Patisserie
  • Arisugawa Himari Natural
  • Arisugawa Himari Pudding Cherry Blossom Viewing
  • Tategami Aoi Anime Style
  • Tategami Aoi Patisserie
  • Tategami Aoi Wild Girl
  • Tategami Aoi Ice Cream Cherry Blossom Viewing
  • Kotozume Yukari Anime Style
  • Kotozume Yukari Patisserie
  • Kotozume Yukari Elegance Clothes
  • Kotozume Yukari Macaron Cherry Blossom Viewing
  • Kenjou Akira Anime Style
  • Kenjou Akira Patisserie
  • Kenjou Akira Manish Clothes
  • Kenjou Akira Chocolate Cherry Blossom Viewing

May 2, 2017Edit

Fruit Kingdom event/promotion and Max Heart cure cards added, 120 now available
  • Misumi Nagisa Raspberry Clothes
  • Misumi Nagisa La France Dress
  • Cure Black
  • Yukishiro Honoka Grapefruit Clothes
  • Yukishiro Honoka Grape Dress
  • Cure White
  • Kujou Hikari Kiwi Clothes
  • Kujou Hikari Banana Dress
  • Shiny Luminous
  • Asahina Mirai Peach Clothes
  • Asahina Mirai Cherry Dress
  • Izayoi Riko Apple Clothes
  • Izayoi Riko Orange Marine
  • Hanami Kotoha Pineapple Clothes
  • Hanami Kotoha Strawberry Dress

May 23, 2017Edit

Go! Princess cure cards added, 124 now available
  • Cure Flora
  • Cure Mermaid
  • Cure Twinkle
  • Cure Scarlet

June 7, 2017Edit

Everyone Traveling event/promotion, 148 now available
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Uniform
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Pink Lavender
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Cute Carnation
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Twice as delicious!
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi It's almost time
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Scurrying Tarzan
  • Kurumi Erika Uniform
  • Kurumi Erika Blue Star Tunic
  • Kurumi Erika Cineraria Checkered
  • Kurumi Erika Twice as fun!
  • Kurumi Erika This fabric looks good!
  • Kurumi Erika Swaying over the sea
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Uniform
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Sunny Yellow Coat
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Preppy Vanilla
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Where to go?
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Cute teddy bear
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Let's eat together!
  • Tsukikage Yuri Uniform
  • Tsukikage Yuri Chiffon Frilled Blouse
  • Tsukikage Yuri Night Cherry One Piece
  • Tsukikage Yuri Everyone please smile!
  • Tsukikage Yuri Quiet time
  • Tsukikage Yuri Visiting the museum

June 21, 2017Edit

Heartcatch cure cards added, 152 now available
  • Cure Blossom
  • Cure Marine
  • Cure Sunshine
  • Cure Moonlight

June 29, 2017Edit

Party Island event/promotion and blank slot added, 160 now available, 1 unreleased
  • Haruno Haruka Floral Girl
  • Haruno Haruka Lovely party
  • Kaido Minami Resort Clothes
  • Kaido Minami Walk with Puff
  • Amanogawa Kirara Fashion Trendsetter
  • Amanogawa Kirara In the middle of a photoshoot
  • Akagi Towa Girly Outing
  • Akagi Towa Carpet of flowers

July 19, 2017Edit

Kirakira ep 1 stage/unreleased card added, 161 now available
  • Cure Whip

August 2, 2017Edit

Ultra Happy in the Picture Book event/promotion, 191 now available
  • Hoshizora Miyuki Uniform
  • Hoshizora Miyuki Fluffy Pink Skirt
  • Hoshizora Miyuki Exciting Outing Style
  • Hoshizora Miyuki Tomboyish Snow White
  • Hoshizora Miyuki What shall we do today?
  • Hoshizora Miyuki Alice in a hurry
  • Hino Akane Uniform
  • Hino Akane Sporty Style
  • Hino Akane Sunny Summer Style
  • Hino Akane Arabian Princess
  • Hino Akane I like volleyball!
  • Hino Akane Akane's Son Goku life
  • Kise Yayoi Uniform
  • Kise Yayoi Sweet Feminine
  • Kise Yayoi Strolling Sunflower
  • Kise Yayoi To grandmother's house
  • Kise Yayoi I will prepare a feast!
  • Kise Yayoi Sleepy rabbit
  • Midorikawa Nao Uniform
  • Midorikawa Nao Basic Style
  • Midorikawa Nao Point Star
  • Midorikawa Nao To the land of dreams
  • Midorikawa Nao Let's take a rest
  • Midorikawa Nao Fastball Momotaro
  • Aoki Reika Uniform
  • Aoki Reika Wavy One Piece
  • Aoki Reika Wishful Dress
  • Aoki Reika Return a favor
  • Aoki Reika Each on our own path
  • Aoki Reika Beautiful Cinderella

August 10, 2017Edit

Blank slots added, 191 available, 30 unreleased

August 11, 2017Edit

Dokidoki Summer Vacation event/promotion, 221 now available
  • Aida Mana Uniform
  • Aida Mana Anime Style
  • Aida Mana Together Tropical Summer
  • Aida Mana Heartful Frilled Blouse
  • Aida Mana Enjoying the summer festival!
  • Aida Mana Heartful Beach Style
  • Hishikawa Rikka Uniform
  • Hishikawa Rikka Anime Style
  • Hishikawa Rikka Sharing the cool breeze
  • Hishikawa Rikka Marine Pearl
  • Hishikawa Rikka Peony Flowers
  • Hishikawa Rikka Diamond Sunset
  • Yotsuba Alice Uniform
  • Yotsuba Alice Anime Style
  • Yotsuba Alice Summer Sky Walk
  • Yotsuba Alice Citron Marine Look
  • Yotsuba Alice Goldfish scooping
  • Yotsuba Alice Relaxing at the pier
  • Kenzaki Makoto Uniform
  • Kenzaki Makoto Anime Style
  • Kenzaki Makoto It's very very hot
  • Kenzaki Makoto Private vacation
  • Kenzaki Makoto Great big flowers
  • Kenzaki Makoto Summer festival
  • Madoka Aguri Anime Style (Summer)
  • Madoka Aguri Anime Style
  • Madoka Aguri Ai-chan's souvenir
  • Madoka Aguri Passionate Apple Mango
  • Madoka Aguri Amazing limited festival sweets
  • Madoka Aguri Be careful while frolicking

August 18, 2017Edit

Blank slot added, 221 now available, 1 unreleased

August 19, 2017Edit

Giveaway, 222 now available
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Anime Style

August 23, 2017Edit

Kirakira at the beach promotion, 230 now available
  • Usami Ichika Whip Step Volley
  • Arisugawa Himari Dolphin rider
  • Tategami Aoi Sharing the shaved ice
  • Kotozume Yukari Elegantly spending time by the sea
  • Kenjou Akira Let's la beach
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Patisserie
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Blue Dragée One Piece
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Très bien! la mail

August 25, 2017Edit

Kirakira ep 2 stage, 231 now available
  • Cure Custard

September 15, 2017Edit

Smile cure cards and Kirakira ep 3 stage added, 237 now available
  • Cure Happy
  • Cure Sunny
  • Cure Peace
  • Cure March
  • Cure Beauty
  • Cure Gelato

October 20, 2017Edit

Kirakira ep 4 stage, 238 now available
  • Cure Macaron

October 26, 2017Edit

Halloween event/promotion, 248 now available
  • Kasugano Urara Mischievous Cat
  • Akimoto Komachi Komachi-o-Lantern
  • Minazuki Karen Pumpkin Dress
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Timid Vampire
  • Kurumi Erika Naughty Mummy
  • Aida Mana Happy Carrotween!
  • Hishikawa Rikka Halloween Angel
  • Asahina Mirai Miracle Witch
  • Izayoi Riko Magical Witch
  • Hanami Kotoha Felice Witch

October 27, 2017Edit

Movie promotion or whatever, 254 now available
  • Usami Ichika Sweets Party
  • Arisugawa Himari Sweets Party
  • Tategami Aoi Sweets Party
  • Kotozume Yukari Sweets Party
  • Kenjou Akira Sweets Party
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Sweets Party

November 1, 2017Edit

More movie promotion, 255 now available
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Parisienne

November 2, 2017Edit

Kirakira ep 5 stage, 256 now available
  • Cure Chocolat

November 17, 2017Edit

Yes 5 Slumber Party event/Nozomi, Rin, and Urara promotion and blank slots added, 280 now available, 12 unreleased:
  • Yumehara Nozomi Uniform
  • Yumehara Nozomi Anime Style
  • Yumehara Nozomi Bouncing Water Ball
  • Yumehara Nozomi To the villa
  • Yumehara Nozomi Difficult to choose!
  • Yumehara Nozomi Which one is it!
  • Rin Natsuki Uniform
  • Rin Natsuki Anime Style
  • Rin Natsuki Bright Red Summer Apple
  • Rin Natsuki Passionate tennis showdown
  • Rin Natsuki Thinking of a friend
  • Rin Natsuki It's obvious!
  • Kasugano Urara Uniform
  • Kasugano Urara Anime Style
  • Kasugano Urara Lemon Syrup Rice
  • Kasugano Urara Watching tennis with Syrup
  • Kasugano Urara Curry for everyone!
  • Kasugano Urara Poker face
  • Akimoto Komachi Elegant walk
  • Akimoto Komachi Old maid detective
  • Minazuki Karen Intelligent tennis showdown
  • Minazuki Karen Queen of old maid
  • Mimino Kurumi Adventure of the princes
  • Mimino Kurumi Revenge on the queen!

November 24, 2017Edit

Komachi, Karen, and Kurumi promotion/unreleased cards added, 292 now available
  • Akimoto Komachi Uniform
  • Akimoto Komachi Anime Style
  • Akimoto Komachi Fluffy Sugar
  • Akimoto Komachi Looking for the secret ingredient
  • Minazuki Karen Uniform
  • Minazuki Karen Anime Style
  • Minazuki Karen Lapis Lazuli and Goldfish
  • Minazuki Karen Over-budget
  • Mimino Kurumi Uniform
  • Mimino Kurumi Anime Style
  • Mimino Kurumi Chanting festival mood
  • Mimino Kurumi Finished purchasing!

December 13, 2017Edit

Dance Contest event/promotion, 316 now available
  • Momozono Love Uniform
  • Momozono Love Anime Style
  • Momozono Love Munching on sweet potatoes
  • Momozono Love Enjoyable lesson!
  • Momozono Love Kaoru's amazing donuts
  • Momozono Love Get your happiness!
  • Aono Miki Uniform
  • Aono Miki Anime Style
  • Aono Miki Autumn Night Wind
  • Aono Miki Dancing together!
  • Aono Miki Matching outfits with Chiffon
  • Aono Miki I'm perfect!
  • Yamabuki Inori Uniform
  • Yamabuki Inori Anime Style
  • Yamabuki Inori Moon-viewing Rabbit
  • Yamabuki Inori Donuts after hard work!
  • Yamabuki Inori Very fluffy bonding time♪
  • Yamabuki Inori I have faith!
  • Higashi Setsuna Uniform
  • Higashi Setsuna Anime Style
  • Higashi Setsuna Fruitful Autumn
  • Higashi Setsuna Be careful not to lose it
  • Higashi Setsuna Don't be picky!
  • Higashi Setsuna I'll do my best!

December 19, 2017Edit

Christmas event/Kurumi and Ciel promotion and blank slots added, 321 now available, 3 unreleased:
  • Yukishiro Honoka Christmas Angel
  • Mimino Kurumi Spe-cial gift for you!!
  • Madoka Aguri Lots of sweets for Christmas
  • Haruno Haruka Decorating the glittering tree♪
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Cupcake☆Bon appétit

December 21, 2017Edit

Event card available, 322 now available, 2 unreleased:
  • Midorikawa Nao Top Star Tree

December 23, 2017Edit

Event card available, 323 now available, 1 unreleased:
  • Akagi Towa Princess Santa

December 25, 2017Edit

Event card available, 324 now available
  • Kenjou Akira Reindeer Delivery

December 29, 2017Edit

New Year's event/promotion and blank slots added, 329 now available, 3 unreleased:
  • Momozono Love Luckiness get!
  • Hoshizora Miyuki Premonition of your face being stained pitch black
  • Kise Yayoi Ringing the bell for Hatsumōde
  • Amanogawa Kirara Grown-up Yellow Coat
  • Kotozume Yukari A wish through torii

January 1, 2018Edit

Event card available, 330 now available, 2 unreleased:
  • Haruno Haruka Gentle Checkered One Piece

January 4, 2018Edit

Event card available, 331 now available, 1 unreleased:
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Warm Knit Clothes

January 7, 2018Edit

Event card available, 332 now available:
  • Tsukikage Yuri Snow Pattern Shawl

January 19, 2018Edit

Kirakira ep 6 stage, 333 now available
  • Cure Parfait

January 26, 2018Edit

DokiDoki cure cards added, 338 now available
  • Cure Heart
  • Cure Diamond
  • Cure Rosetta
  • Cure Sword
  • Cure Ace

February 2, 2018Edit

Valentine's event/promotion, 344 now available
  • Misumi Nagisa Heart Valentine Jersey
  • Misumi Nagisa Mixing Sweet Chocolate
  • Misumi Nagisa Royal Bitter Tail Dress
  • Yukishiro Honoka Chocolate Button Duffle
  • Yukishiro Honoka Pouring Creamy Chocolate
  • Yukishiro Honoka Decorative Sweet Dress

February 9, 2018Edit

Yes 5 cure cards added, 350 now available
  • Cure Dream
  • Cure Rouge
  • Cure Lemonade
  • Cure Mint
  • Cure Aqua
  • Milky Rose

February 12, 2018Edit

Starry Sky event/promotion, 362 now available
  • Hyuuga Saki Uniform
  • Hyuuga Saki Anime Style
  • Hyuuga Saki Stadium Jacket and Skirt
  • Hyuuga Saki Fluffy Star Poncho
  • Hyuuga Saki Special omelette great success
  • Hyuuga Saki Glittering☆Konpeito in the sky!?
  • Mishou Mai Uniform
  • Mishou Mai Anime Style
  • Mishou Mai Cute Checkered Skirt
  • Mishou Mai Star Ribbon Coat
  • Mishou Mai Blue sky sketch time
  • Mishou Mai The world of stars seen from a telescope

February 28, 2018Edit

Music Festival event/promotion, 386 now available
  • Koujou Hibiki Uniform
  • Koujou Hibiki Anime Style
  • Koujou Hibiki Dot Long Skirt
  • Koujou Hibiki Marching Band Uniform
  • Koujou Hibiki I love cupcakes!
  • Koujou Hibiki A melody that can resonate with two people
  • Minamino Kanade Uniform
  • Minamino Kanade Anime Style
  • Minamino Kanade Outing Cat Bag
  • Minamino Kanade Marching Band Uniform
  • Minamino Kanade I'll show you my spirited patisserie training
  • Minamino Kanade A rhythm that can be performed with two people
  • Kurokawa Ellen Uniform
  • Kurokawa Ellen Anime Style
  • Kurokawa Ellen Sporty Wit One Piece
  • Kurokawa Ellen Marching Band Uniform
  • Kurokawa Ellen Song of happiness
  • Kurokawa Ellen Beat of the guitar
  • Shirabe Ako Anime Style
  • Shirabe Ako Anime Style Summer Clothes
  • Shirabe Ako Soft and Fluffy Pastel Clothes
  • Shirabe Ako Marching Band Uniform
  • Shirabe Ako Music box of memories
  • Shirabe Ako Singing voice of the goddess

March 9, 2018Edit

Fresh cure cards added, 390 now available
  • Cure Peach
  • Cure Berry
  • Cure Pine
  • Cure Passion

March 16, 2018Edit

Super Stars event/promotion and blank slots added, 411 now available, 3 unreleased:
  • Asahina Mirai Spring Scenery Miracle Ribbon Dress
  • Izayoi Riko Starry Sky Magical Moon Dress
  • Hanami Kotoha Happy in the Forest Fairy Dress
  • Nono Hana Uniform
  • Nono Hana Anime Style
  • Nono Hana Fluttering Pink See-through
  • Nono Hana Matching Argyle Pink
  • Nono Hana Sakura Salopette Skirt
  • Nono Hana In the bright spring prairie
  • Yakushiji Saaya Uniform
  • Yakushiji Saaya Anime Style
  • Yakushiji Saaya Fluffy Natural Shawl
  • Yakushiji Saaya Matching Argyle Blue
  • Yakushiji Saaya Refreshing Little Flower One Piece
  • Yakushiji Saaya Feeling great in the flower garden
  • Kagayaki Homare Uniform
  • Kagayaki Homare Anime Style
  • Kagayaki Homare Sporty Star Souvenir Jacket
  • Kagayaki Homare Matching Argyle Yellow
  • Kagayaki Homare Floral Print Yellow Clothes
  • Kagayaki Homare Pleasing flower crown with Hugtan

March 30, 2018Edit

More Super Stars promotion/unreleased cards added, 414 now available:
  • Cure Whip A La Mode Style
  • Cure Custard A La Mode Style
  • Cure Gelato A La Mode Style

April 4, 2018Edit

Shopping Trip event/promotion, 438 now available
  • Aino Megumi Uniform
  • Aino Megumi Anime Style
  • Aino Megumi Cherry Pink Spring Clothes
  • Aino Megumi High-laced Shoes & Flower One Piece
  • Aino Megumi Pink-colored scenery
  • Aino Megumi I want to try this too!
  • Shirayuki Hime Uniform
  • Shirayuki Hime Anime Style
  • Shirayuki Hime Princess Chiffon One Piece
  • Shirayuki Hime Grown-up Blue Pleated Skirt
  • Shirayuki Hime With friends and fish
  • Shirayuki Hime I will wear any clothing!
  • Omori Yuko Uniform
  • Omori Yuko Anime Style
  • Omori Yuko Energetic Pants Style
  • Omori Yuko Fluffy Flare Skirt
  • Omori Yuko The shopping district is lively today
  • Omori Yuko Spinning around in a light skirt
  • Hikawa Iona Uniform
  • Hikawa Iona Anime Style
  • Hikawa Iona Night Sky Shining Star Clothes
  • Hikawa Iona See-through Off-the-shoulder
  • Hikawa Iona Found some ribbon accessories
  • Hikawa Iona Discovery! A new me

April 12, 2018Edit

Splash Star cure cards added, 440 now available
  • Cure Bloom
  • Cure Egret

April 20, 2018Edit

school thing event/promotion, 448 now available
  • Hyuuga Saki Star-patch School Clothes
  • Koujou Hibiki Pink Checkered Preppy
  • Minamino Kanade Cute Academy Style
  • Kurokawa Ellen Casual School Clothes
  • Aida Mana Heart-pounding first class
  • Yotsuba Alice Don't run in the hallways
  • Shirayuki Hime Cherry blossoms on the ground
  • Usami Ichika Pink-colored school road

April 27, 2018Edit

mashup gacha thing and Hugtto ep 1 stage, 452 now available
  • Cure Macaron A La Mode Style
  • Cure Chocolat A La Mode Style
  • Cure Parfait A La Mode Style
  • Cure Yell

May 10, 2018Edit

Suite cure cards added, 456 now available
  • Cure Melody
  • Cure Rhythm
  • Cure Beat
  • Cure Muse

May 25, 2018Edit

Sports Day event/promotion, 464 now available
  • Yumehara Nozomi Dream Cheer
  • Natsuki Rin Burning passion ball rolling
  • Tsukikage Yuri Best sprinter
  • Hino Akane Perfect three-legged race practice
  • Midorikawa Nao Marching Cheer
  • Omori Yuko Let's dig in to all of the bread
  • Hanami Kotoha Cute Flower Cheer
  • Tategami Aoi Gelato Color Cheer

May 28, 2018Edit

Blank slots added, 464 now available, 3 unreleased

May 29, 2018Edit

Dress up collection promotion/unreleased cards added, 467 now available
  • Kujou Hikari Shiny Queen Dress
  • Higashi Setsuna Passion Gothic Dress
  • Aoki Reika Elegantly Beautiful Eupatorium Dress

June 4, 2018Edit

Hugtto ep 2 stage, 468 now available
  • Cure Ange

June 8, 2018Edit

Rainy promotion and blank slots added, 472 now available, 4 unreleased
  • Hishikawa Rikka Walking the rainy path
  • Arisugawa Himari Relaxing reading time
  • Kotozume Yukari Sparkling raindrops
  • Yakushiji Saaya Let's take shelter from the rain

June 12, 2018Edit

Rainy event/unreleased cards added, 476 now available
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Flower Ruffle Coat
  • Kise Yayoi Dot Salopette Skirt
  • Aoki Reika Hydrangea Blue One Piece
  • Aino Megumi Lovely Heart Poncho

June 15, 2018Edit

Super Silhouette promotion, 478 now available:
  • Cure Sunshine Super Silhouette
  • Cure Moonlight Super Silhouette

June 21, 2018Edit

Happiness Charge cure cards added, 482 now available
  • Cure Lovely
  • Cure Princess
  • Cure Honey
  • Cure Fortune

June 25, 2018Edit

Dress up collection 2 promotion, 485 now available
  • Akimoto Komachi High-collar Romanesque Dress
  • Aono Miki Brilliant Pearl Dress
  • Kenzaki Makoto Dreamy Frill Dress

July 6, 2018Edit

Tanabata event/promotion, 493 now available
  • Mishou Mai Glittering Night Sky Skirt
  • Yamabuki Inori Colorful Tanabata festival
  • Hoshizora Miyuki Star Denim Salopette
  • Madoka Aguri Star Gingham Red One Piece
  • Hikawa Iona Please write on tanzaku
  • Amanogawa Kirara First star shining in the night sky
  • Kiraboshi Ciel Star Decor One Piece
  • Kagayaki Homare Night of the Tanabata festival

July 13, 2018Edit

Hugtto ep 3 stage and Super Silhouette 2 promotion, 496 now available:
  • Cure Blossom Super Silhouette
  • Cure Marine Super Silhouette
  • Cure Etoile

July 27, 2018Edit

Dress up collection 3 promotion, 499 now available
  • Kasugano Urara Blooming Heroine Dress
  • Minazuki Karen Graceful Blue Dress
  • Shirabe Ako Dolly Antique Dress

July 31, 2018Edit

Blank slots added, 499 available, 2 unreleased

August 1, 2017Edit

Giveaway, 501 now available
  • Aisaki Emiru Argyle Clothes
  • Lulu Amour Argyle Clothes

August 3, 2018Edit

Festival promotion, 505 now available
  • Kurumi Erika Relaxing Summer vacation with Coffret
  • Myoudouin Itsuki Summer sky and sunflower field
  • Koujou Hibiki It was grilled to deliciousness♪
  • Nono Hana Looking forward to the midsummer night!

August 7, 2018Edit

Festival event, 509 now available
  • Yukishiro Honoka Refreshing Morning Glory Yukata
  • Natsuki Rin High-collar Modern Yukata
  • Momozono Love Peach-colored Cute Yukata
  • Kaido Minami Refreshingly Cool Goldfish Yukata

August 16, 2018Edit

Summer promotion and Hugtto ep 4 stage, 519 now available
  • Aisaki Emiru Anime Style
  • Aisaki Emiru Rose Dot One Piece
  • Aisaki Emiru I will deliver this song desu!
  • Aisaki Emiru Heart-pounding Night Pool
  • Cure Macherie
  • Lulu Amour Anime Style
  • Lulu Amour Gingham Bustier
  • Lulu Amour Singing with all my heart
  • Lulu Amour Bright scenery Night Pool
  • Cure Amour

August 21, 2018Edit

Beach promotion, 523 now available
  • Misumi Nagisa Oversized donut floatie
  • Minazuki Karen Resting in the shade of a tree
  • Mimino Kurumi Under the sunlight filtering through the trees
  • Akagi Towa Playing in the water at the beach

August 24, 2018Edit

Beach event, 527 now available
  • Higashi Setsuna Resort Long Wraparound Skirt
  • Hino Akane Orange Ribbon Separate
  • Asahina Mirai Strawberry Ribbon One Piece
  • Izayoi Riko Stardust Frills One Piece

August 29, 2018Edit

Dress up collection 4 promotion, 530 now available
  • Yumehara Nozomi Dreaming Fairy Dress
  • Kurokawa Ellen Mystic Serenade Dress
  • Haruno Haruka Floral Princess Dress

September 13, 2018Edit

Full moon event/promotion and gopri dress thing, 540 now available
  • Kujou Hikari Moon Yellow Ribbon Skirt
  • Akimoto Komachi Moon Buckle Shirt
  • Tsukikage Yuri Queen of the Night
  • Kenzaki Makoto Full Moon Ribbon Shoes
  • Madoka Aguri I wonder how much dango I can eat♪
  • Cure Mermaid Premium Dress
  • Cure Twinkle Premium Dress
  • Usami Ichika Pink Bunny Cut and Sewn
  • Kotozume Yukari Banquet of the night of the full moon
  • Kenjou Akira Garden of moonlight

September 27, 2018Edit

Dress up collection 5 promotion, 543 now available
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi Brightly-colored Autumn Leaves Japanesque Dress
  • Minamino Kanade Cream Chantilly Lace Ribbon Dress
  • Kise Yayoi Peaceful Märchen Dress

October 12, 2018Edit

Haunted House event/promotion, 551 now available
  • Hyuuga Saki Little heart devil
  • Aono Miki Nightmare Corset
  • Shirayuki Hime Princess Witch
  • Hikawa Iona Fortune Witch
  • Haruno Haruka Flower Ghost
  • Kaido Minami Halloween Gothic
  • Amanogawa Kirara Popular Crown Girl
  • Arisugawa Himari Pumpkin Waitress

October 15, 2018Edit

gopri dress thing 2, 553 now available
  • Cure Flora Premium Dress
  • Cure Scarlet Premium Dress

October 25, 2018Edit

Dress up collection 6 promotion, 556 now available
  • Hishikawa Rikka Elegant Blue Ribbon Dress
  • Yotsuba Alice Charming Rococo Dress
  • Aino Megumi Happiness Heart Dress

October 27, 2018Edit

All Stars Memories event/promotion, 564 now available, 1 unreleased
  • Misumi Nagisa Amusement park at sunset
  • Yukishiro Honoka Feminine Flower One Piece
  • Kujou Hikari Shoulder Frills Skirt
  • Nono Hana All Stars Memories
  • Yakushiji Saaya Thank-you balloon
  • Kagayaki Homare Is it cool? Cat ears headband
  • Aisaki Emiru Pink Check Camera
  • Lulu Amour Lace-up Denim

November 7, 2018Edit

All Stars goal reached, 565 now available
  • Nono Hana Desired sweets