Name File Location
00 bgm title01 24
00 bgm title01 24
Title screen
bgm main01
Bgm main01
Main theme
BGM world
BGM world
World map,
Everyone Training map
bgm pzl01
Bgm pzl01
World 1,
Flower Carnival,
Fruit Kingdom,
& Everyone Training
bgm pzl02
Bgm pzl02
World 2 stages
bgm pzl03
Bgm pzl03
World 3 stages
bgm pzl05
Bgm pzl05
World 4 stages
17 bgm boss
17 bgm boss
Tuna Girls executive
boss battle
bgm evt 001
Bgm evt 001
Dream Stars
map and stages[1]
bgm evt pzl02
Bgm evt pzl02
Flower Carnival
bgm evt pzl03
Bgm evt pzl03
Fruit Kingdom
BGM start
BGM start
bgm evt pzl01
Bgm evt pzl01
bgm pzl fv01
Bgm pzl fv01
Max Heart/Go! Pri
cure card
special attack
bgm pzl fv02
Bgm pzl fv02
bgm pzl fv03
Bgm pzl fv03
bgm pzl fv04
Bgm pzl fv04
Mahou cure card
special attack
bgm evt pzl fv01
Bgm evt pzl fv01
bgm evt pzl fv02
Bgm evt pzl fv02
bgm evt pzl fv03
Bgm evt pzl fv03


  1. plays in the dream stars movie or something
  2. plays during miracle and magicals sapphire style transformation

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