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Color Puzzlun purple icon Puzzlun red icon Puzzlun blue icon Puzzlun green icon Puzzlun yellow icon Puzzlun pink icon Puzzlun white icon

Name Enemies Suggested
Clear reward
Crab b
3800 HP
Bee p
4375 HP
Flower2 ex
4125 HP
5 300 coins
Bee ex
19000 HP
Flower1 ex
21875 HP
Armordino ex
20625 HP
15 400 coins
Butterfly ex
36062 HP
Sawdino ex
41518 HP
Armordino ex
39146 HP
25 500 coins
Fistman ex
58295 HP
Shieldman ex
67116 HP
Chokin ex
63280 HP
35 500 coins

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