The Snowmelt Shop is a shop in Club Penguin Island, located at Mt. Blizzard. Here, members can buy various party supplies.

Supplies soldEdit

Icon Name Description Cost Level required
Hot Cocoa Warm up with a cup of low-sugar, reduced-fat cocoa. 10 coins Level 0
Pizza Slice A whole wheat, vegetarian pizza slice. 10 coins Level 0
Seaweed Smoothie Green and oh-so-healthy! 15 coins Level 1
Stinky Cheese A pirate favorite! Be careful, the smell may be too much for landlubbers. 10 coins Level 1
Cake Slice Sing a happy birthday song when you show this to the lucky birthday penguin. 12 coins Level 1
Fireworks Launch fireworks to celebrate with friends! 10 coins Level 1
Cocoa Tray Serve up some low-sugar, reduced-fat hot cocoa from this tray. 40 coins Level 5
Smoothie Tray Share the seaweed phenomenon that's sweeping the island 40 coins Level 5
Birthday Cake It's probably someone's birthday today! Have some cake. 35 coins Level 5
Large Pizza Bring it piping hot to your customers or they might complain. 40 coins Level 5
Cheese Wheel Share this stinky snack with your whole crew! 50 coins Level 5
Piñata Invite friends to take a swing. Once it pops, everyone nearby gets coins! 200 coins Level 10
Fireworks XL Make a sky-high statement with these extra powerful fireworks 20 coins Level 15
Hydro Hydrant Get launched by the water blast of this re-purposed fire hydrant 25 coins Level 15


  • It is the only shop in Club Penguin Island that has no party supplies that are unique to it.