Image Item Effect Sub Available Other factor
Nimble Fabric Player is intangible, but also immobile and cannot shoot Usable twice after main item consumed fully 5 to 7 Through time:
1.00s to 2.00s
Tengu's Toy Camera Player can erase most bullets in a rectangular radius, which is relative to the player and boss; can zoom slightly Unfocused movement speed increased 4 to 7 Photography range:
100% to 140%
Gap Folding Umbrella Player can warp to opposite edge of screen, and optionally old key to stay offscreen briefly Still warp but no holding 7 Hidden time:
0.50s to 2.50s
Ghastly Send-Off Lantern Player is intangible Can use main item death-bomb style 1 Ghost time:
8.00s to 11.00s
Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb Player can warp to the perimeter around a boss relative to their current position; can hold it and then move around with it held Hitbox one pixel smaller (5x5 to 4x4) 5 to 7
Four-Foot Magic Bomb Player sets bomb which erases bullets after a few seconds Nearby bullets cleared when main item used 3 to 7 Range:
100% to 160%
Substitute Jizo Player can take an extra hit Still an extra hit but less invincibility time 3 to 4 Invincible time:
1.00s to 3.00s
Cursed Decoy Doll Player can set down doll which attracts aimed bullets or bosses that charge the player Larger shot spread 2 to 3 Appearance time:
12.00s to 18.00s
Miracle Mallet (replica) Player can charge up and do a powerful hit Increases uses of main item (for camera, bomb, and lantern, range is increased) 3 to ?


  • Fabric, Camera, Umbrella unlocked after 1-1 (only Fabric usable first time)
  • Yin-Yang, Lantern, Bomb unlocked after 3-1 (only Yin-Yang usable first time)
  • Jizo, Doll, Mallet unlocked after 5-1 (only Jizo usable first time)
  • Sub item unlocked after 6-1 (only Yin-Yang usable as sub first time)