Zootopia Party interface
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Interface
Party Zootopia Party
Where? Everywhere

The Zootopia Party interface is an interface present at the Zootopia Party. It allows players to obtain various items.


Image Name Type Release date
File:Nick Wilde Mask icon.png Nick Wilde Mask Head Item May 19
File:Nick Wilde Costume icon.png Nick Wilde Costume Body Item
File:Judy Hopps Mask icon.png Judy Hopps Mask Head Item
File:Judy Hopps Costume icon.png Judy Hopps Costume Body Item
File:Bellwether Mask icon.png Bellwether Mask Head Item
File:Bellwether Costume icon.png Bellwether Costume Body Item
File:Clawhauser Mask icon.png Clawhauser Mask Head Item
File:Clawhauser Costume icon.png Clawhauser Costume Body Item





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