The Most Fun
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Available Yes
Type Hair & Hats Item
Internal name funHatSombrero

The Most Fun is a unique hair & hats item in Club Penguin Island. Members can obtain this item by logging in.


Obtained by Available from Available until
Log in September 15, 2017 Still available


  • Although it cannot be customized, it has an unused Clothing Customizer description, which is "#Cantstopwontstop. Throw a party!"
  • It was given out, along with five units of each of the three Party Games and a set of decals, as an apology for membership issues that occurred in some regions on September 13, 2017.[1]

Names in other languagesEdit

LanguageItem nameCustomizer description
PortugueseO Superdivertido#Ninguémpodemedeter. Organize uma festa!
FrenchLe plus fun#PasLeTempsDeSeReposer. Il faut faire la fête !
SpanishEl más divertido#Niquieronipuedoparar. ¡Haz una fiesta!


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