Ancient TreasuresEdit

Ancient Treasures are received in dungeons marked as a legendary wanting to meet up with the player (except for Xerneas, who gives the treasure to the player when the starter is capable of evolving). The legendaries are not fought. All Ancient Treasures raise a stat when held. All also have five slots for emeras.
Treasure Location Guardian Effect
Wildfire Looplet
Sea of Wonders,
Fire Island Volcano
High Attack boost
Tempest Looplet
Mist Continent,
Clear Lake
High Sp Atk boost
Radiance Looplet
Sand Continent,
Isle of Light
High Defense boost
Time Looplet
Sand Continent,
Apex Mountain
High Sp Def boost
Darkness Looplet
Mist Continent,
Buried Ruins
Atk & Sp Atk boost
Sky Looplet
Sea of Wonders,
Tree of Life
High Speed boost
Red Looplet
Grass Continent,
Friendly Meadow
Def & Sp Def boost
Blue Looplet
Sea of Wonders,
Seafloor Ruins
HP increase
Reward for all eight collected: Ancient Crown

The Never Hungries'Edit

Never Hungries are for solving (sort of) the ridiculous difficulty of hunger in this game. Found in large red chests in temple-like rooms at the end of dungeons. Emera slot amounts vary. They look like donuts.
Treasure Location Effect
Huge Meal Looplet
(5 slots)
Air Continent,
Rough Tunnel
Belly doesn't
lower during
Well-Fed Looplet
(4 slots)
Grass Continent,
Path of Fallen Leaves
Belly increases
twice as much
from eating
Big Belly Looplet
Mist Continent,
Aurora's Edge
Get hungry
half as much
Well-Satiated Looplet
(2 slots)
Sand Continent,
Stone Tree Mountain
Belly never
gets lowered

The Eight TreasuresEdit

The Eight Treasures are received in dungeons, guarded by legendaries, who must be fought as bosses (except for Genesect, who appears as a regular enemy throughout the dungeon). Some of the treasures have effects similar to IQ skills. Emera slot amounts vary.
Treasure Location Guardian Effect
Water Looplet
(2 slots)
Water Continent,
Pledge Hill
Thrown items have
endless piercing
Air Looplet
(7 slots)
Air Continent,
Distress Mountain
Not enraged
after awakening
Grass Looplet
(3 slots)
Grass Continent,
Zero Isle
(Origin form)
Makes all
traps visible
Mist Looplet
(4 slots)
Mist Continent,
Island of Isolation
(normal then
mega Y)
Chance to
not use PP
Sand Looplet
(3 slots)
Sand Continent,
Mysterious Geoglyph
(not boss)
Boosts the
power of moves
Sea Looplet
(2 slots)
Sea of Wonders,
Ocean Tempest
Reveals items
and enemies
on map
Earth Looplet
(2 slots)
Grass Continent,
Magma Chamber
Immune to
trap effects
Wind Looplet
(1 slot)
Grass Continent,
Dragon Gate
Prevents bad
statuses and
lowered stats
Reward for all eight collected: Treasure Crown

Golden ItemsEdit

Golden Items are shiny thingies, some of which are more or less novelty versions of regular items. Found in large red chests in temple-like rooms at the end of dungeons.
Treasure Location Effect
Golden Spike (x40)
Air Continent,
Ghost Island
Same as Wooden/
Iron/Silver Spikes
Golden Fossil (x40)
Grass Continent,
Giant Stone Meadow
Same as Gravelrock/
Geo Pebble
Golden Seed
Mystery Contient,
Guidance Ruins
Raises level by 3
Golden Banana
Sand Continent,
Fossil Excavation
Raises level by 5
Golden Apple
Air Continent,
World Tree
Same as
Perfect Apple
Reward for all five collected: Golden Crown



Very Difficult

Super Difficult